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Chiriotti Editori was founded in 1950, with the aim of informing and training food business operators through specialized magazines for the food and beverage industries, professional and scientific books and manuals, as well as supporting initiatives, encouraging or creating specific events.

The key factor for us here at Chiriotti Editori, as well as our historic expertise, is the ability to concentrate on the real needs of companies and the market, by offering and guaranteeing PARTICIPATIVE PUBLISHING, QUALITY TEXT AND MULTIMEDIA content.

What does this mean? It means using different means and communication methods, digital and real, to talk about the sectors in which we work in a coherent, extensive, serious and professional way. Having as a priority: listening, anticipating, advising, problem solving and dialogue with subscribed advertisers, readers and suppliers. We have always loved to cultivate “transmedia narrative” which allows us to use new languages and to reach an increasingly wider public. In this way, our partner companies and readers can exchange, elaborate and personalize the information in our archives, on our useful web extensions or tailor-made tools.

With over half a century of history, Chiriotti Editori continues to be at the forefront, rapidly evolving, listening attentively to the world in which it is happily immersed. This is the reason why we never stop investing, in order to offer tools that allow us to diffuse culture, knowledge and information in the best way, and of course, also investing in the value and quality of your products.

We are proud to offer measurable results, since partner companies can see the returns on their investment when working with us. And, as you know, this is a unique advantage!

So… send us your contribution! Participate actively through your messages by using our platforms. Compare notes with us daily, ask questions, make suggestions… 6 words: culture, reliability, professionalism, flexibility, market coverage, credibility…have shaped our history, our roots are strong and democratically professional!

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The power of social network

Professional synergies are created through our viral presence on the social networks, guaranteeing updates on the news regarding the sector.

In particular, our Facebook pages present your news, redirected from our website.

On You Tube, you can upload and share your videos, raising awareness in a low group of users, which can also be reached via reports on social networks. Your news, through our viral presence on social networks, redirected from our website.

Just one e-mail, thousands of people

We increase your brand awareness by informing, creating excitement and publishing with credibility, awareness and empathy.

Your advertising messages in digital form sent directly to your readers’ e-mail, your targets.
You supply the material, assistance is given in developing it and in the layout.
The Dem campaign is crucial in order to enhance communication, towards both existing and new clients.

Our experience

“Pasticceria Internazionale” offers a consulting service for workshops, training projects and demos, supplying ad hoc content and ideas for your specific needs.

We offer our services, linked to the planning and management of events to everyone, also taking care of advertising the events through our magazines and web marketing.

Our aim is to be your single and strategic contact, able to coordinate all the steps of your project, from conception to realization.

La pasticceria on-line and not only!

Since the 90s “Pasticceria internazionale” has been a protagonist of the web.

In line with the editorial philosophy, based on offering training and information through as many tools and services as possible. evolves every day.

The effective highly frequented portal, which is immediate and rich in content. A complete world, guaranteed by “Pasticceria Internazionale” at your service, through multiple options of communications and visibility.

Updated daily, we offer you a graphically welcoming and rich container of information, recipes and images, able to narrate the cultural patrimony of “Pasticceria Internazionale” and our partners, wit the enhancement of social networks and not only.

The food industry portal is the information portal for the food industry, which is updated daily with the latest news on the food and drink sector.

Open to dialogue, so as to be, increasingly, a tool for updates in real time and comparison for the operators.

With its database of approximately 10,000 companies, it is an open window which looks out onto all the food sector, a virtual container which is visited by large numbers of people and with high visibility, in Italian and English.

The great added value is its interactivity, openness to dialogue, which allows everyone to comment on the news. Evaluating and interacting with others, through participation and comparison.