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“Pasticceria Iinternazionale” has been an important player on the web since the 90s.

In tune with the editorial philosophy based on offering training and information through as many tools and services as possible, pasticceriainternazionale.com,  evolves every day, a much visited portal which is effective, immediate and rich in content. A complete world, guaranteed by “Pasticceria Internazionale”, is at your service, through multiple options of communication and visibility for your brand, your products and your initiatives. Updated daily, www.pasticceriaextra.it is a container that is welcoming graphically and rich in information, recipes and images, able to narrate the cultural patrimony of “Pasticceria Internazionale” and not only. All made “popular” by the constant sharing with our strong social contacts. In particular, there are five dedicated macro-sections, which makes it easier for the user to browse, depending on their interests.
We have called them:

  • the world of confectionery and cake design
  • the world of ice cream
  • the world of chocolate
  • the world of coffee barar
  • the world of packaging
  • point of sale
  • the world of cuisine

Worlds that integrate in the historic and proven editorial platform of “Pasticceria Inernazionale”, set up in 1978 and composed of magazines, manuals, books, events, competitions, expert advice, internet websites and social network.

The rich “on-line world” of “Pasticceria Internazionale” is proposed as YOUR real promotional and commercial tool. Clearly, to be tailor-made together! This and more is waiting for you at pasticceriainternazionale.com.

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Direct email marketing (DEM)

Your advertising messages in digital form directly in the emails of our readers. Material supplied by you, assistance given for development and layout. The DEM campaign is crucial for increasing your communication, both towards existing and new customers.

  • package 3,000 contacts € 0.30 each

  • package more than 5,000 contacts € 0.25 each

  • package more than 8,000 contacts € 0.20 each

  • supply: statistic reports, open rate, click-to-open rate

Logo on newsletter magazine

"Pasticceria Internazionale" publishes a monthly newsletter to present the new issue offering excellent visibility, also for your brand.

  • Logo 1 newsletter with link to your website € 150,00

  • Package of 6 logos € 750,00

Repeating the transmission 9 times is the way to increase visibility without “stressing” anyone, with the same frequency as the magazine.

Newsletter segmentation

gelato shops, café, chocolate shops
Gelato shops
email contacts

Social Network

Through our platform, it is possible to create professional synergies and be up-to-date with all the news regarding the sector.
Furthermore, it is possible to diffuse the news that appears on FoodExecutive.com

  • Package of 3 sharings € 250,00

  • Package of 3 sharings € 350,00

You tube

On our YouTube channel you can upload and share videos, arriving to the wide basin of our users, also reaching them via recommendations on social networks: € 200,00.

Food Executive

FoodExecutive.com is the portal for suppliers to the food industry which continues to enrich its informative and interactive content, becoming social, in order to be, more and more, an instrument of comparison for operators of the food and drink industry and which keeps them up-to-date in real time. With its database of approximately 9,000 companies, it is a window open on the food world; a virtual container with high visibility and a high number of visitors. All of this is available in Italian and English in order to reach as many users as possible, all over the world. The great added value to the new FoodExecutive.com, is that it is interactive, which gives everyone the opportunity to comment on news, appraise and interact with other readers in a virtual space dedicated to participation and comparison. We have a monthly average of 12,000 visits. An opportunity for companies to be visible.

Section dedicated to your own company where you can insert: Company news, articles about products, photo gallery, videos and publicity.
The articles can also be visualised on the home page in chronological order.


6 months on front page

€ 1.200

1 year on front page

€ 2.000

Banner with link to you website

Logo 3 months on front page

€ 600

Logo 6 months on front page

€ 1.000

Pasticceria Internazionale

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