Web On-line advertising

Popup Banner

Dimension 600 x 400

€ 1.000

Period 1 month

Box Banner

Dimension 250 x 125

€ 1.000

Period 2 months


Dimension 280 x 140

€ 1.000

Period 1 month


€ 800

Period 1 month

ADV News

€ 300

Period 1 month

Advertising Newsletter Social Network

Direct email marketing (DEM)

Your advertising messages in digital form directly in the emails of our readers. Material supplied by you, assistance given for development and layout. The DEM campaign is crucial for increasing your communication, both towards existing and new customers.

  • package 3,000 contacts € 0.30 each

  • package more than 5,000 contacts € 0.25 each

  • package more than 8,000 contacts € 0.20 each

  • supply: statistic reports, open rate, click-to-open rate

Logo on newsletter magazine

"Pasticceria International Worldwide Edition" publishes a monthly newsletter to present the new issue offering excellent visibility, also for your brand.

  • Package of 3 sharings € 250

  • Package of 6 logos € 750

Repeating the transmission 2 times is the way to increase visibility without “stressing” anyone, with the same frequency as the magazine.

Social Network

Through our platform, it is possible to create professional synergies and be up-to-date with all the news regarding the sector.
Furthermore, it is possible to diffuse the news that appears on FoodExecutive.com

  • Package of 3 sharings € 250,00

  • Package of 3 sharings € 350,00

You tube

On our YouTube channel you can upload and share videos, arriving to the wide basin of our users, also reaching them via recommendations on social networks: € 200.00.

Pasticceria International Wordlwide Edition